Greenville SC medical webdesign and SEO

Greenville SC medical webdesign and SEO

Marketing your medical practice online can be a challenge. Let us help make it easier!

You’re a busy person, keeping on top of the latest trends in local marketing isn’t really on your top 10 list. If you are like many practices, you may already have a website that doesn’t really seem to bring in many new patients.

This is a big problem we have seen in the medical field. When new patients are looking for a provider like you, if they are not finding you then you are losing money. Often times, patients are left looking at mind numbing directory listings because google can’t find any quality websites for local providers!

This isn’t just a problem seen at doctors offices and specialists in Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg SC. This is likely happening in your own region as well. While many retail businesses suffer from internet competition, this is not the case for many brick and mortar businesses.

Even worse, if you are a specialist you may be missing direct referrals because other providers can’t find your contact information. When they go online and search “your city your specialty,” if you are not somewhere on the front page of that search result you are not being found. Simple as that.

This is especially true for specialists like plastic surgeons, adhd clinics and the like. People will naturally search for “Greenville ADHD specialist,” or “Spartanburg nose job” and if your website isn’t properly designed to let google know that specialty is what you do, then you might as well not even be there.

What we do first is get to know your practice and your goals, then we can begin our research into what particular key words people are searching for related to your practice. Next we will optimize the way in which your website identifies it’s key information to the search engines. This is called “SEO” or “search engine optimization.”

We won’t bore you with the details here, but basically we will then begin to use various methods of creating more digital signposts that point to your website. Our webdesign takes into account industry standard best practices in order to achieve and maintain a top search listing for your practice. The result is usually high first page rankings, if not number one!

You don’t have time to learn all this stuff, we get it! Use the contact form to get in touch with us today and a real live person will get back in touch with you.

Our goal is to make sure you have modern web site and your phone rings with more patients saying “I found you on the internet.”